Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Preliminary of the kingdom tower

Preliminary work of the Kingdom tower

The work is started in the site. Final design of deep foundation released and the execution of pilot concrete piles is in progress in order to be tested by applying a load of 7500 ton on one pile!

Deep foundations used there is 2 types:
Concrete piles with diameter of 1500 mm & depth = 45 m
Concrete barrettes 2800 x 1200 mm & depth = 85 - 120 m
Polymer shall be used as a drilling fluid to support the excavation while drilling these piles/barrettes.

HUTA Foundations works limited company - is the deep foundations contractor there as a subcontractor from the main contractor SBG (Saudi Binladin Group).

Here is some photos from the work site.
Remember while seeing these photos that there in that location, the most height building in the world will be constructed.

These are some photos for the polymer mixing & treatment plant constructed in the site