Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Kingdom Tower construction site

Putting the steel cage on the Lifting Pad of kingdom tower

Start lifting using 2 cranes of kingdom tower

Installing the cage inside the shaft 

O-Cell ® installed in the cage of kingdom tower

Kingdom Tower piling work progress. Photos shows the sequence of work of execution the O-Cell® Test Pile (2 levels) with length of 78.0 m. These shots are from Jan. and Feb this year.  photo from EngineersInside.

The post from the other thread has shots from Nov. and Dec. of last year. This suggestion is to date a posted shots. The shots are new to most of us and are appreciated.

The photos are showing the implementation of the load test (O-Cell® Test Pile -78.0 m depth) for Kingdom Tower’s foundation. 1. O-Cell ® installed in the cage, Bundled bars 54 32, Putting the steel cage on the Lifting Pad, Start lifting using 2 cranes, Installing the cage inside the shaft, Inserting the tremie pipe & Pouring